Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Camera of Truth

In case you've missed it, Patrick Doyle, a paranormal researcher, artist and author, is posting fantastic videos exposing all kinds of paranormal trickery, fake EVPs, fake movement of objects, etc.  (we've all seen them) and showing exactly how the faking is done. Studying the techniques used by hoaxers will make it easier for us to spot many of the simulations being put out there as genuine captures by creative video students and other tricksters at our expense. Patrick's videos are informative, entertaining and well done. He's my new paranormal hero. Kudos!

Visit Haunted Hoax to see more videos.

The talented Mr. Doyle is also the writer and illustrator of a delightful series of children's books:

Edgar Font's
Hunt for a
House to Haunt.

Read more HERE.


  1. Thank you Judy! If we all work together we can expose the fakes and find the answers we're all looking for.

    Stay Haunted!
    Haunted Hoax

  2. Yes, kudos to him! Very good work... and a good laugh for me, unintentionally!

    Um, that "orb color chart" he showed at the beginning? Yeah... I'm guilty of being its creator years ago. Hey, we all make mistakes! LOL In my defense, it was just a theory I came up with back when orbs were a relatively "new" phenomena as a possible explanation for the colors.

    But at least I can get a good laugh at my own expense! lol

  3. Hey, great of you to step forward and confess, Ken. LOL There was a time when I was guilty of seeing ghosts in the pixels, when I was very new to exploring this topic and watching the ghost cam at Ordsall Hall. I've learned a lot since then, and I would hate for anyone to dig out those old posts now!