Monday, November 30, 2009

In Transition

I have missed this blog, missed writing, missed looking to see who has been visiting, and what topics they have been reading about.

My life has been consumed the past couple of months with uprooting myself from our house in the German village where we lived the past 22 years into a rental house in another village, one I already regret moving into, but that's a side issue to be posted under Crazy German Landlords on another blog.

We did a lot of the moving ourselves, and trying to do that and work full-time has been grueling, so there has been no time to wax philosophical on this blog, but hopefully, that day will be coming soon.

The boxes have been emptied, which is not the same as saying everything is in place, but we are close. It took two weeks to find my husband's toothbrush. Now, the hunt is on for the battery charger for my camera and my box of checks.