Saturday, December 27, 2008

All kidding aside

Christmas shouldn't be creepy. Not the real Christmas. Not really.

Children and parents shouldn't need to be afraid of Santa.

Surely there will be a special level of Hell for this man, Bruce Pardo, who dressed up as Santa and then shot his ex-wife, members of her family and friends at a Christmas party, killing 9. The first person he shot was an 8 year old girl. What went through her mind as she ran to greet Santa at the door, just before and after he shot her, must be the stuff of nightmares. 

The only good part of this story is that the jerk thought he was smart. He thought he could get away with it, get out of town with the money taped to his body and not get caught, But he was a stupid enough to burn himself badly, after which he decided to put himself out of our misery, but only when he realized he could not get away.

Don't get me started about Americans and their love affair with guns and violence. There are far too many people who feel entitled, resent being deprived, and feel justified in sharing their misery with others. "I'll show you," runs through far too many little minds. 

Empathy has been described as "feeling through our skin" what other people are feeling. Not many adults learn empathy. They usually learn it, or not, as children. On the list of things that you MUST teach your children, please include empathy.  Killers lack empathy for their victims. 

Here is one site you can visit to learn more about teaching empathy to children. And if, as an adult, you have trouble connecting to others, the tips provided may help you, too.

Santa killer planned to flee to Canada

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