Saturday, July 12, 2008


No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I'm doing my summer wander, traveling in the United States, seeing family, visiting friends, checking up on the kids and all that entails, generally an emptying of my checking account. I'm also scheduled for knee surgery next week, just arthroscopic, but all of this has been keeping me busy the past month and I haven't had time to write.

I offer you this photo which I took last week. I like it. It looks very mysterious and mystical, almost like an image of space, but it is no more than the reflection of the sun shining in a pool of creek water at Sabino Canyon, near Tucson, Arizona.

I remember reading a passage years ago in Mary Stewart's novel, The Crystal Cave, the story of Merlin and an exploration of the nature of magic and truth. Merlin looked at a similar reflection of the sun in a pool of water and noted that the reflection of the sun was still the sun. We all seek the truth, but sometimes our viewpoint may be like this image, mysterious and incomplete, but not untrue. After all, we can't look at the sun directly. The truth of it would blind us. 

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