Saturday, December 15, 2007

Let Nothing Disturb You

Let nothing disturb you.
Let nothing frighten you.
All things pass.
God does not change.
Patience achieves everything.
Whoever has God lacks nothing.
God alone suffices.

St. Teresa of Avila

I share this now because there is a lot of evil in the world, and I assume that what exists in our world, exists also in the spiritual world. Whoever and whatever we become during this life, whether we become loving and caring individuals or become spiteful, petty and selfish, we will carry with us when we pass. So, assuming that there is life after death, and that is my assumption, there may be spirits out there that would like nothing better than to mess with people's minds.

Hopefully, you will never find yourself in a situation where you are confronted with an evil presence, but if you do, start by believing in the power of God. I strongly believe that nothing can harm me as long as I believe that I am his (Or hers, if you prefer, but I think that the loving power that unites the universe is way past having sex organs. I shall use the male gender to refer to this great intelligence, because his or her just sounds silly and I'm not about to refer to God as it.). I always go back to that scene in the first Star Wars movie, when Darth Vader is flying down the trench behind the three Rebel pilots. In each case, he is only able to shoot them when they start to panic and let their mental guard down. They start feeling vulnerable. Luke, our hero, of course is strong in the force (and saved by Han Solo, but that's another story . . . ).

The point is not to let your guard down. Do not go messing about with spirits unless you have a strong sense of self and a strong central personal core. Ghost hunting is not for the emotionally unstable. Here's another movie metaphor: remember that scene in Independence Day when the big space ship is hovering over Los Angeles and the nutters go up to the top of a big building right under the ship to WELCOME THE ALIENS? I hope you remember what happened to them. They were the first ones turned into toast when the ship opened fire. Do not open yourself up to the spirits and invite them to come in. There are some people who are born mediums that learn how to do this without losing themselves in the process, but you might not be so gifted.

Ghost hunting may be de rigeur today and popular on TV, but Buffy the vampire slayer won't around to kick the butt of whatever evil spirit you might awaken, so don't step into the unknown on a lark. If you are serious about ghost hunting, do research. Try to find a serious group in your area. (BTW, if their website has a bunch of photos of "orbs" and smoky-looking mist, look for a different group.) Do not go ghost hunting on your own, or with anyone who's been drinking. Heck, use some common sense!

Be sure that you surround yourself with the white light of love that is the universe's gift to you and believe in its power to protect you. You should do that every day, anyway.


  1. Interesting that you bring this up. I was thinking about something very similar recently. I have a friend who has some very bizarre experiences. She's not ghost hunting, per se, but because she does 'other' things (not with the intention of evil, by any means) I think she has opened herself up to a traveling circus of strange 'stuff'. After the last episode, I asked her if she had asked for protection. Of course, she said she had, but, she said, this was 'way beyond' simple protection. It shouldn't be, and it wouldn't be if she didn't mess around with crazy people and stuff that's not hers to mess around with.

    Maybe my view is rather simplistic, but I believe once I ask God to protect me, I don't need to worry about it anymore. (I use the pronoun He too for lack of anything better.) I also don't delve into matters I have no business messing around with. I frequently offer gratitude for this promise of protection, sort of a renewal, I suppose, and I never cease to believe in it. I feel no need to see who can wield the most power in spiritual matters, or to challenge the limits of the promised safety, so nothing nasty bothers me.

    I think there are some personalities that attract malevolence, and motive, I think, often has a lot to do with it. So, IMO, we have to ask ourselves why we're interested in matters of spirit, both the truly spiritual and the kind of spirit that goes bump in the night. Is there a desire to move closer to the 'source', to understand the mysteries of the universe, or is there a need for power or to have people view us as 'special'? Motive is the key that unlocks whatever door you open. (I'm talking here about a person who has an active interest, not the poor unsuspecting soul who gets bludgeoned by a nasty entity tied to a place or thing. They've got a problem that has to be dealt with, IMO, much the same, but sometimes the solution requires simply removing yourself from its reach. Let higher powers deal with that booger.)

    I agree completely with everything you've said. If someone is going to delve into the hunt, no matter which spiritual tact they take, they must know themselves well, and they must know where the line is that should not be crossed AND have no desire to cross it. If something unwanted finds you, then you must trust your protection, remove yourself from 'it' and let your 'guard' do its job.

    Boy, the stories I could tell you about my friend. Some of these odd things I've witnessed. Let's just say, it ain't Casper. And I've got a 'guard' who simply plants his feet in front of me and shakes his head. I think I'd be more afraid of him if I crossed him than I would anything some naughty spook could throw my way. I try to behave. Really, I do.

  2. Anonymous,

    Thanks so much for adding your thoughts on this. Writing this blog is a bit like putting a note in a bottle and tossing it into the ocean . . . no guarantee the message will reach the right person. But, miracles happen every day. We can only toss out what we hope is wisdom and hope that the someone who needs it stumbles across it.

    "Maybe my view is rather simplistic, but I believe once I ask God to protect me, I don't need to worry about it anymore."
    This has always been my attitude, an advantage of believing in God's protection since childhood, perhaps, but it has always held true for me.

    Thanks for reading my note and sending your response. Now there are two notes in the bottle!

  3. Oh, lordy, Judy, that was me. Spookybooklady, known at my house as Mom, and to others as Karen. Sorry. I didn't mean to be anonymous. I keep forgetting I don't have a blog on this site. Maybe I should get one so I don't screw up so often.

  4. I was pretty sure that was you, Karen. I recognize your style! I like blogging on this site, but I think there's a way I can set it up, so that it recognizes you . . . oh, the settings, the settings, I must go back into the settings and try to understand all the geekspeak!

  5. On the past life forum I linked to on my blog, there is a post from a young woman who recalls a past life where she committed suicide over a boy she was in love with. She talks about thinking she hung around the castle for a long time as a weeping ghost. Finally, her guides came for her and told her she would have to stop all the moaning because she was getting on everyone's nerves. I'll have to look for it later and I'll post a link for you. It's a delightful post. Even if it's off the wall, I enjoyed her 'voice' as she told her story.

    This is a tad off topic from protection, but I thought it was an interesting view of who and how ghosts come to be. The only ones needing protection from her were apparently on the 'other side'. :>)


  6. It leaves you wondering how that memory has affected her . . . Hopefully, she got all that weeping and wailing over idiot boys out of her system and found her personal power, so she can live her life as a strong woman and not need a man to be complete!

    (Not knocking you men . . . we like having you around, but gone are the days when any young woman should be throwing herself off a balcony because someone doesn't love her.)

    Have I mentioned what a stupid play "Romeo and Juliet" is? And the stupidest blockbuster, "Titanic," a movie about some really stupid people on a really big boat that sinks? Oh, no, now you've got me going, Karen!