Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to Spookannie

This year on my birthday I am grateful
a. to be alive for another year; hooray for the beating heart and the healthy lungs; you go guys!
b. friends; it only takes a few.
c. my house is not haunted; I think. There was that funny pile of ashes we found on the dining room table last December (and we don't have a fireplace, and I still haven't found an explanation for that door I heard open a few months ago, but hey, if that's all that happens, I can live with it!)
d. my dogs; they love me for the price of a dog biscuit now and then.
e. my husband; he loves me and I don't even give him dog biscuits.
f. my kids; there is room for improvement;
they cost a lot more than dog biscuits.
g. my life; it is good; I am grateful.
If today were your birthday,
what would you be giving thanks for?

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday! I hope it was a nice one with plenty of cake and ice cream. And presents. Presents are good.

    And no ghosts. Maybe. The pile of ashes makes me wonder....